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Our Lab welcomes new applicants!

If you are a student or a postdoc,

please do not hesitate to contact us

Lab members


Luca Carisio

Postdoctoral researcher

Expert of pollination ecosystem services provided by bees. He studies pollination effects on production, the value of agricultural areas for supporting bees, and the impact of environmental contamination on bee health through bee biomonitoring. Interested in assessing impacts of alien species on managed and wild bees (Vespa velutina, Megachile sculpturalis). Enthusiastic R user for data analysis and visualization. Beekeeping and volley in the free time.

Luis Velez Trujillo_edited_edited.jpg

Luis Vélez Trujillo

PhD student

Graduated in Biology, with a Master's degree in Agri-Environmental and Agri-food Sciences. Investigates the role of biomarkers to describe bee health and the use of bees as environmental bioindicators. Committed to nature and agricultural entomology, aims at reducing the impact of climate change.


Claudia Roggero

Research collaborator

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, now studying honey and solitary bee health and behaviour. Contributes to the outreach activities of the Lab writing articles for the general public and through social media. A young beekeeper looking for harmony between beekeeping and agriculture, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of bees in the role of pollination for the entire ecosystem.

Alberto Ossola Bee Lab UNITO

Alberto Ossola

Master student

Alberto studies the influence of agricultural practices on pollinators health, focusing on the identification of wild bees. Passionate of entomology, with a dream: a healthier environment for all organisms. Traveller and nature lover.

Chiara Bonadei

Chiara Bonadei

Master student

Studies Natural Sciences. Interested in bees, she is investigating the sublethal effects of pesticides on solitary bees, focusing on their reproductive behaviour.


Enrico Visca

Master student

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, he is now attending the master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences – Sustainable Crop Management. Passionate beekeeper, now studies the behaviour of honeybees and their communication through sounds and vibrations. Interested in technological innovations and research in the field of precision beekeeping.


Alessandro Vizio

Bachelor student

Agricultural production student at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies. Interested in sound acquisition and processing, he collaborates with various projects to understand the complex mechanism of sound communication in bees.


Sofia Chiampo

Bachelor student

Student of Agrobiotechnology - Agricultural Science and Technology. She studies how environmental contamination impacts bee health and the environment and contributes to the development of the Lab science outreach activities. Interested in spreading awareness towards more sustainable agricultural practices and the importance of pollinating insects.


Eleonora Raschio

Bachelor student

Near-graduate in Agrobiotechnology - Agricultural Sciences and Technologies. She collaborates to the science outreach activities of the Lab. She is passionate of pollinators and the environment and aims at enhancing the ecological transition through innovative and sustainable strategies.

Sofia Calvo.HEIC

Sofia Calvo

Bachelor student

Student of Communication Design at IAAD (Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design - The Italian University for Design). As Art Director of multiple Lab activities, she coordinates the creation of a strong and functional Lab identity through an efficient visual and communication strategy. She is interested in connecting the power of creativity and communication with science.

Former Lab members

Giulia Molinatto

Giulia Molinatto

Postdoctoral researcher

Biotechnologist with a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She focuses on honey bee immunity and pathology (viruses and Nosema spp.), molecular diagnostics for the biocontrol of insect vectors of plant pathogens, biological and genetic characterization of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria (Bacillus spp.). 

Loves travelling, mountain hiking, and outdoor activities.


Stefano Carniel

Master student

Graduated in Biology, is now attending the Master Degree in Plant Biotechnologies at the University of Turin. At the same time, works as Ecotoxicology Laboratory Technician. His thesis work focuses on the impact of multiple stressors on solitary bee health. Has always been passionate about entomology and eusocial insects. Highly interested in their environmental role and in the ecological challenges they are currently facing. Nature enthusiast, lover of good stories and hopeless nerd. 


Emanuele Gallo

Master student

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, now attending the Master Degree in Agricultural Sciences - crop’s sustainable management. Studies the impact of pesticides and nutrition on solitary bee health and behaviou. A beekeeper interested in the role played by insects in the environment, especially social and solitary bees. Food lover, travaller and sport addicted, gamer.

Gioele Moro

Gioele Moro

Master student

Graduated in Biology, now attending the Global Change Ecology and Sustainable Development Goals master course in Bologna. Involved in a Science Outreach project, seeks to find the best way to overlap the communication gap between scientist and public. Grew up in constant contact with nature, observing plants and animals in their natural habitat. Concerned by the relationship between man and nature, looking for new ways to improve it.

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