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Our Lab is part of the University of Turin (UNITO), Department of Agricultural, Forest, and Food Sciences (DISAFA). UNITO is a higher education, research-focused public institution founded in 1404, counting ~70000 students.

Our research investigates the health and behaviour of multiple bee species, such as honey bees, bumblebees, and solitary bees.

We aim at gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics of both individual and combined impact of multiple factors on bees, including (but not limited to) pesticides and nutrition (see: publications).

We use traditional and innovative techniques including behavioural, physiological, and modelling approaches for research, monitoring, and risk assessment purposes.


Students with the bee technician

We believe that a respectful, open-minded environment nurtures creativity, innovation, and scientific excellence.
Our Lab is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status, religion, physical ability, or age.


One of the experimental apiaries


Solitary bee nests



Our Lab welcomes new applicants!

If you are a student or a postdoc,

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