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Our Lab welcomes new applicants!

If you are a student or a postdoc,

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Lab members

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Davide Cuttini

Research technician

I obtained a Bachelor degree in Forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Turin. Since 1993, I worked at the Department of Applied Entomology and Zoology for the Environment Carlo Vidano. Since 1998, I am a technician at DI.VA.P.R.A of the Faculty of Agriculture. Currently, I work as a research technician at DISAFA, managing the experimental apiaries. My long-lasting passions are bees and fish, so if I am not in the department, you can find me along some riverbanks.


Damien Fevre

Postdoctoral researcher

My passion is honeybee conservation and breeding. With a PhD in Nutrition and Genetics of Apis mellifera, I am deeply invested in studying plant-pollinator interactions and biodiversity. With worldwide beekeeping experience and a professional background as a beekeeper and queen breeder, I am now dedicated to conserving native bee populations and advancing honeybee breeding through phenotype assessment and genomics. Beyond academia, I find calm in the harmony of nature while exploring the wild. I also manage a dozen hives, fueled by the joy of multiplying bees and contributing to biodiversity.

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Maria Bortot

Postdoctoral researcher

I am a neuroscientist with a PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. I studied honey bees and bumble bees cognition with a behavioural perspective, investigating their learning, numerical abilities and their sleeping behavior. I currently study the influence of stressors on bee complex behaviors and cognition. My long-lasting passions beyond science are communication, and other living creatures, better if cats or insects. If you don’t see me in the office, I am probably running somewhere.


Livilla Maggi

Research assistant

I have a degree in Natural Sciences and have been a beekeeper for over ten years. I became interested in social insects fascinated by their ability to collaborate for the survival of the colony. I study social pollinators, particularly Bombus terrestris, and the negative effects of nanomaterials on both individuals and their social organization. My personal drive is fueled by a strong 'curiositas' that has always accompanied me, pushing me to seek the understanding of ever-changing natural dynamics. Mountains, climbing, and yoga lover.

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Amanda Dettori

PhD student

Graduated in Agricultural Science, I grew up in my beekeeping family farm. I have worked  on honey bee colony management, production and honey quality assessment, and queen bee breeding. I have collaborated in biomonitoring surveys using bees, focusing on pesticide contamination and assisting beekeepers affected by colony losses or weakening.

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Valeria Grande

PhD student

Graduated in Agro-Environmental Biology, my fascination for complex interactions drove my passion for ecology and molecular biology. Currently, I investigate bee viruses dynamics, although my insatiable curiosity may lead me to venture into new fields.

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Sabrina Pesarini

PhD student

With a lifelong passion for animal behavior and ecology, I delved into the competitive dynamics between managed and wild bees through a behavioral study (Master's degree in Environmental and Behavioral Biology). I currently investigate the Environmental Risk Assessment of pesticides focusing on managed and wild pollinators. Nature lover, traveler, and sports enthusiast.

Luis Velez Trujillo_edited_edited.jpg

Luis Vélez Trujillo

PhD student

I graduated in Biology, with a Master's degree in Agri-Environmental and Agri-food Sciences. I Investigate the role of biomarkers to describe bee health and the use of bees as environmental bioindicators. Committed to nature and agricultural entomology, I aim at reducing the impact of climate change.


Manuel Roppo Valente

Early stage researcher

Graduated in Experimental and Applied Biology with a focus on Environmental Biology and Biodiversity. I am interested in multidisciplinary and innovative approaches in ecotoxicological studies and the breeding of Apoidea. Currently, I'm involved in beekeeping and bee health activities with a focus on ecotoxicological aspects. In addition to dedicating my time to scientific research, I enjoy immersing myself in the world of cinema, art, and travel. I believe that inspiration can come from multiple sources, and I am convinced that exploring new cultural horizons can enrich both my work and my life.

Alberto Ossola Bee Lab UNITO

Alberto Ossola

Early stage researcher

I study the influence of agricultural practices on pollinators health, focusing on the identification of wild bees. I am passionate about entomology, with a dream: a healthier environment for all organisms. Traveller and nature lover.


Claudia Roggero

Early stage researcher

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, I now study honey and solitary bee health and behaviour. I contribute to the outreach activities of the Lab writing articles for the general public and through social media. I consider myself as a young beekeeper looking for harmony between beekeeping and agriculture, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of bees in the role of pollination for the entire ecosystem.


Emanuele Luigi Zenga

Early stage researcher

Graduated in Natural Sciences, my main interests lie in eco-ethology and taxonomy of apoid hymenopterans. I have experience in monitoring pollinator insects and studying the effects of agricultural environments on their communities. I have worked extensively as a guide in parks and natural history museums. At BeeLab, I am involved in everything related to wild bees. My favorite bees are social halictids.


Marta Barberis

Visiting scientist

I’m a pollination ecologist and I recently obtained my PhD at the University of Bologna, discussing a thesis on the ecological significance of secondary metabolites of floral nectar. In addition to getting involved in the family business of breeding queen honeybees, in the past I worked in the protection of birds and habitats of conservation concern, and the study of reproductive barriers between sympatric plant species.
I have a passion for the mountains, writing, watercolors, and linocut. Unfortunately, my days are just twenty-four hours long.

Chiara Bonadei

Chiara Bonadei

Master student

I study Natural Sciences. Interested in bees, I am investigating the sublethal effects of pesticides on solitary bees, focusing on their reproductive behaviour.


Enrico Visca

Master student

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, I am now attending the master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences – Sustainable Crop Management. Passionate beekeeper, now I study the behaviour of honeybees and their communication through sounds and vibrations. I am also interested in technological innovations and research in the field of precision beekeeping.


Alessandro Vizio

Bachelor student

I am an Agricultural production student at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies. I am interested in sound acquisition and processing, and I collaborate with various projects to understand the complex mechanism of sound communication in bees.

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