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How much do you know about wild bees?

On average, 80% of wild plants and 75% of cultivated plants are directly dependent on pollinators. Not only honey bees but also their wild relatives, including bumble bees, play an important role here.

There are about 20.000 different species of wild bees worldwide.

However, like many insects, wild bees are declining. One of the main reasons for wild bee loss is the decrease in plant diversity, and thus food diversity and amount. Therefore, an important step for saving wild bees is to offer flowering mixtures to support bee diversity and their health.

The aim of this questionnaire is to determine the opinion of multiple stakeholders on different pollinator groups and their nutritional requirements. The results of this survey will help in the process of designing flower mixtures that satisfy people that want them as well as ensure a balanced diet for wild bees. The survey has 28questions and it will take you about 20 minutes to participate. Farmers, beekeepers, scientists, and conservationists, please participate and share the questionnaire with colleagues and friends.

You can find the questionnaire at this LINK !


Project leader: Technische Universität München (TUM)
Photo by Swapnil Sharma 

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