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Bee health and sustainable beekeeping: the final report

How to ensure the sustainability of beekeeping in the face of challenges linked to pests and diseases, intensification of agriculture and climate change?

The Focus Group Experts visiting the Italian National Consortium of Beekeepers CONAPI (Monterenzio, BO).

Since 2019, experts from the EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Bee health and sustainable beekeeping have explored this question.

A final report and seven "minipapers"

The EIP-AGRI staff and selected experts discussed what are the main drivers related to bee health and sustainable beekeeping, investigating what should be done to have healthier bees and a more sustainable beekeeping.

The Focus group has identified a set of necessary priorities, and recently published a final report and seven minipapers. Each minipaper addressed specific relevant points, and are freely available as PDF here:

What are your thoughts? Please feel welcome to share your feedback!

This project is funded by the European Commission.


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