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Our new Lab website

A new Lab needs a new website, so here it is! We're busy as bees, but more is coming soon

This may be you (the beekeeper) looking at our website (the frame), realising that we're busy & happy as bees in Spring.

Welcome to our new Lab website. We'd like to use this space to connect with anyone who's interested in what we do, or what we may do in the future. Social bees show us the power of being connected: let's exploit their example.

The website

Our website briefly lists what, where, and who we are. We have a section about us, one about our research, one about our collaborations. We also have a 'research blog'. There is no fixed posting rule for the blog: we'll be posting frequently or infrequently as time allows. But if you get anxious for updates, there's an easy solution: contact us.

If you'd like more information, if you are considering to join the lab, if you'd like to collaborate, if you have questions... please reach out via email or through our 'contact us' form.

Constantly updating, and improving: your feedback is important to us

This website will be periodically updated, and we are confident that your feedback will help spotlight the most relevant topics and improve our website. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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